• Why is it so difficult getting Contractors to return phone calls?
    Most contractors are sole proprietors, busy working on their jobs most of the day, while trying to manage all aspect of business with little or no office help. The difficulties of getting the work completed usually demands most of their time. When demand is high with a back log of work, customer service general is low in their order of priorities.

  • I received three estimates for our remodeling  project and each were thousands of dollars  apart. Now I’m more confused then before. How should I compare?
    Using price as a method for Selecting a contractor is confusing. Construction pricing is very different from shopping for example, a new car. Once you have selected the make and model, it’s just prudent to shop for the best price. The car you ordered will be the same regardless of where you buy it. This is not so with remodeling.  The actual product may represent only a fraction of the cost. Quality labor, insurance, field supervision, credentials, public business location, repair policies, workmanship, warranty are just some of the factors that influence the cost and your benefits

  • I see that most contractors state they are full insured and licensed.  Will I be protected if an accident occurs while they are working on my property?
    Be careful!! Blanket statements (fully insured) are misleading. life & auto may be what they are referring to and NO you are not protected. Only comprehensive liability & workers” compensation, will protect you in the event of a accident. Let contractors know you want current certif. sent to you by the insurance co.

  • How much of a deposit is customarily required at the time a contract is signed.  It has been suggested 1/3 is appropriated. Is this excessive?
    No this amount is allowable by Mass. Board of Building Reg. and Standards. However in our opinion 1/3 is usually unnecessary. A large payment should be expect once the work has started, but a deposit of a few hundred dollars should be more than sufficient to consummate the contract, unless special material will to be ordered and can’t be returned.
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